Recommended List of Bingo Sites providing NetEnt Slots & Casino Games

March 2021

List of Recommended Bingo Sites providing NetEnt Slots & Casino Games online sites

  • Tip Top Bingo
  • Monkey Bingo
  • Bounce Bingo
  • Lucky Charm Bingo
  • 888 Ladies
  • Nutty Bingo
  • ChitChat Bingo
  • 888 Bingo
  • Jingle Bingo
  • Free Spirit Bingo
  • Sugar Bingo
  • BBQ Bingo
  • City Bingo
  • Bingo Loft
  • Polo Bingo

Summing up Recommended List of Bingo Sites providing NetEnt Slots & Casino Games by Top Of The Shop Bingo

What is NetEnt?

Net Entertainment or NetEnt is probably the biggest name in online slot design at the time of writing. Their roster of games includes many of the most well-known and most frequently played games around. This is quite a remarkable achievement for a company which was founded barely twenty years ago, in 1996.

To be fair of course, the whole area of online gaming is not much older than that, so it could be said that the company took flight at around the time of the birth of the industry, and has gone from strength to strength. It is now at the forefront of game design and is one of, if not the market leader in the design of online games. It is also therefore not surprising that so many bingo sites now offer titles developed by NetEnt.

A Brief Look at the Company History

From its humble beginnings in Stockholm, Sweden, this rapidly developing software development company is now a multi-national operation, with offices situated throughout the European continent. Apart from its Stockholm headquarters, it has outposts in Kiev, Ukraine; Krakow in Poland plus the Mediterranean territories of Malta and Gibraltar. It also now has an office in the United States, situated in New Jersey, just a short ferry ride across the Hudson River from New York City.

The company now has a total of approaching 1,000 employees, making it a big cheese in the worldwide online gaming development industry. This development has been swift, with a real acceleration in the last few years. The company launched its first online casino in 2002 and never looked back.

A milestone in the history of the company was reached in 2009, when the company went public with a listing on the New York Nasdaq OMX, a subsidiary of the American financial company which provides finance and other financial services to companies in the various Scandinavian and Baltic countries. The resulting increase in investment capital available to the company enabled it to expand its operations and really accelerate its growth to become the industry leader it is today.

Perhaps the most important step in the recent development of the company came in 2011 with the release of its very first mobile game. The history of the online gaming industry in recent times has been led by the story of the increase in popularity of playing games online. Net Entertainment was one of the very first companies to spot the potential of this growing trend and has based its phenomenal growth on it in the subsequent years.

Back in 2011, playing games online on your phone could be a frustrating experience. Smart phones were not as fast and efficient as they are today. There were several reasons for this. Games generally had to be played by downloading an app or at least some specialist software of some kind. The games’ graphics were memory and processor hungry and many of the smartphones of the time couldn’t cope.

Plus there was the fact that although both 3G and 4G technologies were already around at the time, they were not widely available to everyone. So although online gaming could be a breeze sat at home at your desktop with your new broadband service, playing on the go was a different matter. Even if your phone was up to the job, the chances are your phone signal would let you down.

Wi-Fi was not particularly widespread either: hot spots were things you found on the Sun, not in your local coffee shop. But nevertheless, the trend was there and this company certainly had its finger on the pulse. Today, with better, faster phones with brighter, better quality and swifter-to-react screens, just about any modern smart phone can cope with the colourful fast moving graphics of an online game.

Wi-Fi is far more widely available away from the home too, with most urban areas at least within reach of a free hot spot for most phone users. Plus the development of the new HTML5 programming technology means that there is generally no longer a need to download any special software or dedicated app in order to play games online on your phone. Modern games can now be played through your usual web browser, making everything so much more practical and easy to load. Net Entertainment were at the forefront of the development and use of this technology in the design and development of games.

Games and indeed bingo sites are now developed primarily with the mobile and tablet in mind. They are far more phone friendly – actually designed with the more compact screen in mind, rather than adapted and customised from the full screen version.

The result of all this rapid technological development and change of approach is that playing slots and bingo games on your phone is now far more popular than playing on an “old school” desktop or even laptop. Mobile and tablet play has already overtaken gaming on the bigger screen, and NetEnt have been perfectly placed to take advantage of this change in player preferences.

But the growth of the company has not ended there. 2013 saw the launch of their first live casino, and the rapid development of both its gaming technology and its casino management systems (Business to Business, or B2B services) meant that by 2014, the company was responsible for over 21 billion transactions on its games and casino sites across the world.

This worldwide development continued in 2015. The gradual loosening of gambling restrictions across the pond saw the company decide to enter the US gaming market for the first time. The reach of the company is finally beginning to expand beyond its home continent of Europe, across the Atlantic to America and soon, no doubt, throughout the world.

What NetEnt Games Can You Expect?

Net Entertainment have designed some of the most popular games around today. Their range of slots covers most genres and they are renowned for their innovative features and stunning graphics. These games range from the modernist sparkling gem themed Starburst, with its mesmeric soundtrack, to the brooding gothic horror of Universal Pictures’ Dracula. This is a particularly atmospheric game, with clouds of bats suddenly emerging from the reels, and a reclining and very creepy Count ready to snarl at you at a moment’s notice. Net Entertainment’s music themed games are also a big hit with fans of iconic bands and artists such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, Motorhead and Jimi Hendrix. All these titles feature original music and some great themed special features to liven up the gameplay. Gonzo’s Quest is another player favourite, where the cheeky conquistador regularly consults his treasure map to check that you are on the correct course across the steamy jungle to collect your bounty. All of these titles can be found in the bingo room of your favourite bingo site, or from within the games lobby. So now you can play bingo and some of the top slots titles around.

In truth, there are dozens of great games to choose form – too many to describe here. Chances are that if you are a regular player, you will already have your own personal Net Ent favourite. Their games are to be found on the vast majority of online casino sites. A a very large proportion of online bingo titles also carry a selection of Net Ent games as a part of their range of slots.

If you are a bingo player who likes to play slots, then now there is no need to be a member of an online casino, as you’ll be able to play everything you desire at the bingo sites listed on this page.

The company is also renowned for its Business to Business (B2B) services. This is a dreadful bit of industry jargon, but basically means that it helps online bingo and casino operators to run their sites. It can do this in several ways: for example by helping to provide marketing data on player behaviour, and plan new promotional strategies based on this information. These management tools help the site operators to improve their service to you, the customer and player.

Other services provided to site operators include marketing support, staff training, technical services such as game performance optimisation and account management to provide financial services and revenue maximisation strategies. They can even provide a site’s customer support team, to answer e-mail and telephone queries, or even supply live chat services to customers.

In short, they can design, manage, administer and provide all the financial and customer support facilities for the site operator, for a big fat fee of course!

Why is all this industry jargon important to you, the player? Well the better the service they provide, the better your experience of the site and the more likely it is that you will enjoy the experience and come back for more! Which is why more and more site operators are willing to pay for these add-ons in order to ensure a successful site.

So there you have it. The varied and diverse skills of this enormously successful company have made it one of the market leaders in the online gaming industry. And as far as the typical player is concerned, you know that if you are playing on a Net Entertainment game or site, you know that you are going to receive an exciting and entertaining experience. In short, Net Entertainment is a sure fire mark of quality – a name you can trust.

Extra Information

  • Bounce Bingo

    Bounce Bingo is a cash-only site from 888 Holdings. It runs on their Dragonfish software, and has a chilled blue and green colour scheme. The site has no wagering, which means that everything you play and win will be cash. No getting caught up in wagering requirements!

  • Lucky Charm Bingo

    Lucky Charm Bingo is a Dragonfish site with a sparkling gem theme. Explore bingo and slot games, take part in fun promotions, and see what luck this glittering site can bring you.

  • 888 Ladies

    Welcome to 888 Ladies, where every day is ladies' day. This pink and white bingo site offers bingo, slots, and promotions for all players to enjoy. From free bingo to loyalty rewards, 888 Ladies has plenty going on, so players will be excited to explore and discover what the site can offer them.
  • ChitChat Bingo

    Chit Chat Bingo from 888 Holdings is a fun and friendly bingo site with a colourful purple and yellow design. It offers tonnes of buzzing bingo rooms, hundreds of slot games, and stacks of exciting promotions, so there will always be something entertaining going on.

  • Jingle Bingo

    Jingle Bingo is Christmas themed, and is a Dragonfish site. Players can enjoy playing here, where Christmas is all year round. Some may think the design is a little strange, as Christmas only happens once a year. But those who love the merry season just might like seeing Santa all year round. 

  • BBQ Bingo

    Players will certainly feel as though they are playing on the beach at BBQ Bingo. The design has deck chairs, umbrellas, flags, sand and the beach. The site looks more like a beach than BBQ if we are honest!

  • City Bingo

    Jet off to City Bingo to explore a whole world of bingo featuring famous cities from all over the globe. From 888, this site will launch you into bingo fun, with dozens of bingo rooms and hundreds of slot games at your fingertips.

  • Bingo Loft

    Bingo Loft is a light and breezy bingo site from 888 Holdings. One of the company's simpler skins, Bingo Loft keeps things easy and unfussy with great bingo games and exciting slots in an uncluttered site. There are promotions to keep players entertained, and customer support is on hand if players have any questions.